Monday, April 30, 2012

Cambry's First Wedding

This past weekend we went on a little road trip to Austin to attend a wedding for one of Greg's college roommates. We stayed with our cousins who live on Lake Austin. They were so sweet letting us stay with them.

Cambry slept pretty much the whole way to Austin. We got in around lunch time on Saturday and ate at Trudy's. I love their migas. It is great when restaurants have those baby slings you can set the car seat in.  She was pretty good at lunch but was quite vocal at the end. Then she took another short snooze on the way to our family's house.

We visited with them for a while, and then got ready for the wedding. I wasn't planning on attending the ceremony because I didn't want Cambry to be disruptive. It worked out that when we got to the Chapel she was asleep so I just stayed in the car with her while Greg went in for the ceremony. Then we headed over to the reception and brought Cambry in. She was perfect the whole time! She just looked all around and was happy in our laps.

It was so loud in there but after a while Cambry just started to dose off. We put her in the car seat thinking she could just sleep but she ended up just looking around. We finally got in the car and got her ready for bed and fed her before leaving the reception. It was way past her bed time and we thought she would just pass out but for some reason she was all smiles!

They cooked us up the most delicious breakfast on Sunday morning before we left - eggs, sausage, grits, homemade biscuits, and fruit. We had a great time.

When we got back to Houston we got to see some sweet friends from Missouri. They lived on the same street as us growing up and we have kept in touch over the years. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of them, so I am stealing Christine's picture off of facebook :) This is Christine and her Mom Rita. They are just the sweetest.

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