Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coffee Please

One of the girls in the youth group gave me that cup. Isn't it cute?

Lately I have been needing coffee. I like coffee and used to drink it almost every day at work. Greg doesn't drink it though and I don't have to have it so we never make it at home.

But lately I am having trouble getting going in the mornings, so I have been making coffee.

I wish I had a good excuse, but I guess I am just lazy. I am getting pretty good sleep. Cambry has been waking up twice a night but I am not up long during those feedings. I think it is because she wakes up so early - around 5:30 AM. I am not a morning person and no matter how early I go to bed 5:30 is just hard for me. That's what time I had to get up for work and it was always painful. I guess that's why I drank coffee at work!

Sometimes I go back to bed when she takes her first nap (around 7) but most of the time I don't. Sometimes Greg will take her for a bit if he hasn't left for work and let me sleep a little more, which is nice.

I can't really complain because she is really a good baby and a pretty good sleeper so I just need to be thankful for the sleep I am getting. And for coffee too!

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Lauren said...

I know it sounds crazy but try putting her to bed even earlier, it might make her sleep longer. Sleep begets sleep! It's worth a try, no grosse girl should have to see any hours before 7 am!!