Sunday, April 1, 2012

To Cry or Not to Cry?

That is the question.

We have started letting Cambry cry it out to go to sleep. She is getting close to 4 months old and I think she is ready. We started this last Thursday. We have always had to rock her to sleep. And then sometimes when we have gotten her to sleep and lay her down she will wake up minutes later crying and we have to start all over.

So now in the evenings we give her a bath, read a couple books, sing a couple songs, then lay her down awake.

By the way, Greg and I really need to work on our songs and review the lyrics or at least get on the same page. When we sing Joyful Joyful we are singing very different words and are both looking at each other like "you are singing it wrong". Then it's like, forget it let's just move on to Muffin Man.

Anyway, so we lay her down awake, kiss her and walk out. Then the crying begins. So we go in every few minutes at increasing intervals to comfort her without picking her up.

The first night it took 40 minutes total for her to go to sleep. The next night it took one. One! Whoa parenting experts! Ha, but then the 3rd night it was back up to 20. Not parenting experts. Last night I think it was 20 minutes as well. Update: tonight was 20 minutes also.

I still feed her when she wakes up at night. Since we have started the crying it out thing she has been waking up twice a night. Actually last night she only woke up once! This is an improvement over the past few weeks where she had been waking up about 3 times a night to eat.

Maybe once she is better at falling asleep at night we will work on naps. For now though I still rock her. But evenings are really nice right now. Cambry is down before 8 and Greg and I can enjoy relaxing time together. We may or may not look at the monitor every so often cause we already miss our little chunk :)

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