Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings are a bit chaotic around here.

I am not sure why.

We only have one child.

It should not be that difficult.

I feel like I can never remember everything. I unpack my normal diaper bag/purse combo and redistribute everything into a small purse and a travel bag that I can leave in the nursery at church. I have to find a back up church outfit and a back up matching bow for Cambry (crucial, obviously). Along with all the other baby essentials, I have to pack several snacks and a drink for me because I cannot go more than an hour without eating. I am always hungry. We finally make it out the door a few minutes late.

Wait, I forgot the youth lesson!

And my nursing cover! (Have had to turn around and go back for this one)

Do we have time to take a picture? But she looks so cute...

Ahh, where are my sunglasses?

Greg has now implemented the rule that we have to have Cambry's bag packed the night before. I think this will help our Sundays go smoother.

This Sunday I spent a crazy amount of time looking for one of Cambry's flower headbands. She has 10 others she could wear but come on, she needed the yellow one!! Greg was searching the house up and down too. It was no where to be found. Complete tragedy. We still have not found it and I am so frustrated. I just made it and she has only had it for 2 days. I guess I have to make another. That is another thing we need to start doing Saturday night - locate the perfect matching headband.

Maybe one of these weeks we will have it all together.


Lesley said...

This could be my life, except I have never thought about having a spare bow.

Wendy said...

Good luck with that one. If you figure out the answer, can you let me know? We haven't been to time on church in about 5 and a half years. :-)

Chelsi said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE HER!! I can't wait to meet her!

Jill said...

Sunday morning have always been our worst for the past 4 years. I truly think it is Satan not wanting the next generations to hear the Word!