Monday, April 1, 2013

Grosse Family Vaca 2013: Cayman Islands Edition

The other week we were blessed to get to go on the most amazing family vacation to the Cayman Islands! We had such a wonderful time. The beach there is absolutely beautiful. Crystal clear blue water and white sand. Perfectly warm weather the whole time. I couldn't have asked for more.

The kids had a blast. Kyler looked so adorable the whole time. He is such a cool kid. I don't think his hat or backpack came off the whole time. He would walk around and hold Cambry's hand - so cute.

We stayed at a resort right on the beach. Each morning after breakfast we would all change into our swimsuits and walk right out to the beach. 

Cambry was all about roaming around the whole time. Greg was the best and would let her roam and follow her everywhere while I relaxed. She was loving the new environment. Every time we would leave our hotel room she would take off roaming the halls. She was such an explorer.

Pretty much every day all day was spent at the beach. Is anything better?? Plus it is kind of hard to go off and do excursions with the kids. Ashley was able to do some fun stuff though like swim with dolphins and rent a paddle board. She even went to cross fit one day!

The kids loved playing in the sand, and we loved relaxing and getting in the water.

Probably the best thing about the vacation was that the hotel provided pack-n-plays on the beach! Whoever thought of that is a parent for sure and a genius! 

When you choose a place to sit they bring you umbrellas and then they asked if we wanted play pens for the babies. Um, YES PLEASE! 

So instead of being stuck in the hotel room during nap time, we had fun on the beach while the babies napped. The ocean is the perfect sound machine.

Hayes slept in his pack-n-play too. They did so good. My parents watched Cambry while she slept and Greg and I would go off and snorkel. There were really cool fish just right out in front of the hotel. It was so cool to swim through all the schools of fish and be close enough to touch. We also rented kayaks one day and paddled up and down the beach.

We ate out for all our meals which was nice because it meant no one had to cook! We would either eat in the hotel, or walk across the street to a nearby restaurant. A couple of times we took a cab to a restaurant that was a little further away. It was a lot of eating out for the kids (breakfast lunch and dinner), so sometimes they got a little fussy/impatient/bored, but overall they did good.

Here is my 10 week belly shot that we took there. Looking big for only being 10 weeks along! Let me tell you how awesome I looked in a swimsuit - ha! The bump is not big enough for people to assume I am pregnant but definitely looks like I ate a few too many donuts or something.

 Overall during the day I felt pretty good. I think God was just so gracious and gave me a little relief while I was there so I could really enjoy the vacation. I am so so thankful for that. Since returning home the nausea is back in full force but I am grateful that it seemed to be a bit lighter there.

 In the evenings we would put the kids to sleep and then stay up a bit talking with the Kimmels. There was a little veranda area just steps away from our rooms so we would just watch the video monitor while we hung out. Then we would sneak back into the rooms for bed. Of course we bought milk and cereal to have on hand because who can go to bed pregnant without having a bowl of cereal first? Not me.

So thankful to my parents for planning this wonderful vacation! We had the best time!


Elizabeth said...

I love all your pictures!! That place looks so amazing. I've been to the Caymen Islands once on a cruise, we always said we need to go back and just stay there! Looks like so much fun. I especially like the pack n plays on the beach!!

Fiona said...

Sounds / looks like such a wonderful family vacation!! :) Beautiful photos!