Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lainey 3 Months

Size: You weigh 13 lbs. 0 oz. according to our scale at home. You are wearing 3 month or 3-6 month clothes and size 1 diapers. We still aren't doing cloth because they just don't seem to be tight enough around your little legs. We need to fatten you up!

Likes: You like to be held facing out so you can look all around. You do well in the baby bjorn when we grocery shop. You sometimes like baths (Daddy bathes you every other night). You like to crinkle your lamaze toy. You like sucking on your hands and your paci when you are sleepy. You like your swing for naps and we swaddle you with the miracle blanket which seems to help calm you down.

Dislikes: Evenings can still be a little rough. It is sometimes hard to get you to go down for the night. You don't like being held in the cradle position unless you are ready to go to sleep.

Working on: Tummy time. You are getting better head control lately. You do ok with tummy time in short increments. I put you with your chest propped up on the boppy and you seem to do well like that.

Sleeping: During the day your naps have gotten much better. Although you still don't have a schedule, it is getting much easier to read your cues and you do have a pattern. You have been waking up between 6-7am. Then you are awake for about an hour, and usually very happy. When you start getting fussy/sleepy I swaddle you, give you your paci, and put you in the swing. Most of the time you will just fall right asleep - no rocking or anything. Sometimes you drop your paci and I have to go put it back in a couple times, but overall you are doing so good at going down. Your first nap lasts anywhere from 45 min - 2 hours. I never really know. Your longest stretch of nap is usually in the afternoon after lunch (partly overlapping Cambry's, which is nice). I guess you take about 4 naps but usually a couple of them are very short cat naps (like 20 minutes or so). Lately at night you have been going down around 7-8ish and you sleep in your crib. You wake up 2-3 times a night. If it has only been a couple hours since you ate last I will try to just rock you back to sleep instead of feeding you, hoping that you will start sleeping for longer stretches. Usually you go back down pretty quickly, although we have had a number of rough nights this month.

Eating: You eat about every 2 1/2 - 3 hours usually. You still are super efficient at nursing. You also take the bottle when needed. I think you probably do about 8 feedings a day, with 2 of them during the night.

Looking a little cross eyed here, but still cute!

Your hair is really thinning out but new hair is coming in. It seems to be a light brown color. Although you still have a lot of your dark hair in the back. I still don't know what color eyes you will have. They are still a dark gray, sometimes a little blue looking.

A couple things have happened this month. At first you became a much happier baby during the day. You are content for longer periods of time and it has gotten much easier to read your cues to know what you need. However, the last couple weeks I think you have really been having some tummy troubles. You get really gassy and just scream and cry and kick your legs. You have also started spitting up a lot. I don't know if you have some reflux or what, but lately (as in the last week or so) it gets bad at times.  I am cutting out dairy from my diet - at least the major sources (milk, ice cream, cheese). I am only on day 2 so it may take some time to see if it helps. I may try some gas drops (although those never worked for Cambry). I really hope it gets better soon because I feel so bad for you when you get upset and it is very hard to calm you down.

Although it seems like you were born FOREVER ago, at the same time I can't believe you are already 3 months old. I just want time to slow down. These baby days seem to fly by and I just want to soak you in. Your tiny little hands and feet, you cute little baby legs, your adorable coos, and sweet little smiles you give me after eating. Babies are truly a joy. You change so fast and I love watching you grow. I love seeing new expressions and watching you become more aware of your surroundings. I love you Lainey Bear!!

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