Friday, January 31, 2014

This One That One and These

This one.

Oh this one.

So adorable and tiny and loveable.

She has found her feet recently and likes to suck on them.

Oh to be that flexible.

But sometimes she just doesn't want to go to sleep.

She is like a little ninja breaking out of her swaddle.

We have switched to the sleep sack swaddle.

And she still has some tummy issues.

I am trying to cut out all dairy to see if it improves.

I have been doing it for about a week, and it has helped a little bit it seems, but not entirely.

Why does everything delicious have to have dairy in it?

But she is worth it.

Love this girl.

Then there is that one.

Silly, sweet, imaginative, Cambry.

Love her.

She has been carrying around the insert from the Godiva chocolate box that describes all the chocolates for a couple days

She calls it her recipe book.

She says she likes to look at all her recipes.

So funny.

The other day when Greg got home from work, she started asking him questions like,

"Did you have fun Daddy?"

"Did you have a good time Daddy?"

"What did you do today?"

We were cracking up.

It was like talking to an adult.

I guess we ask her those questions all the time so now she is repeating them.

Love all the adorable things she said.

Then there are these 2.

So sweet.

I hope as they get older they will grow to love each other and play together more and more.

I am thankful.

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Fiona said...

What special girls you have... both of them! :) Love this.