Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Newborns: Round 2

I keep thinking about how this transition has been compared to the transition with Cambry as a newborn. Even though having 2 is definitely harder, I think so far it hasn't been as hard as I expected. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it is easy, but so far there are a few things that are not as difficult the second time around.

First of all the recovery from labor seemed to be a bit easier. I don't know if this was due to the fact that I delivered a baby that was a whole pound lighter than my first, or just having gone through it before helps. Although I will say having to lift a toddler is very painful in the beginning. They tell you not to lift anything heavy and I tried not to, but sometimes you just have no other choice.

Another nice thing is that I didn't really get the baby blues this time. I was so worried about it. Just dreading it. I hated the way I felt after having Cambry. Of course I was over joyed to have a baby but I also felt deeply sad. I cried every day for 3 weeks and then it slowly tapered off. Hormones can effect so much! I cried a few times early on after Lainey, but so much better this time.

Breastfeeding has also been easier so far. I think after having gone through it once, it helps to know what you are doing. Last time it hurt for months. This time only a couple weeks. 

The lack of sleep hasn't been too terribly bad. I am not sure if it is because Lainey does not keep me up for as long at night (although there are nights that she does) or because God just provides the energy I need to take care of 2, or both (I think it is both reasons). But overall I feel pretty decent most days and have actually gotten to take some naps while both girls have been sleeping. But I am looking forward to some longer stretches of sleep!

I think the thing that helps the most is knowing that everything is just a stage. When Cambry was little and was super fussy I was worried I would have the most difficult baby because she just wasn't awake and happy much. Well she turned out to be a great baby and her fussy days quickly ended. I thought Cambry would never like tummy time, I wondered how I was going to get her to sleep without the swaddle, I worried why she would not eat any solids at first, I thought she was never going to like cows milk, that she would never eat a vegetable...We are up to 3 vegetables that she likes by the way - green beans, edamame, and cucumber. I know not all difficulties go away quickly, but usually something that you think is so hard goes away after not too long. And then of course a new challenge comes along, but at least you have variety :) So now when Lainey is fussy, or takes a million attempts to be put down, or screams bloody murder during her bath, I know that this too shall pass. Before I know it she will be 2 years old like Cambry and I will be missing these sweet baby days. So even when things are difficult, I don't want to rush through it looking forward to the next stage because I know it will fly by all too quickly.

When Cambry was a newborn I remember thinking to myself every day - how in the world does anyone have 2 kids?? And now here I am with 2. I am no expert. A lot of times someone is fussing. Sometimes I find myself snapping at Cambry out of impatience and then I get frustrated with myself. Sometimes it takes us 4 hours to get ready to do something. Sometimes as soon as one goes to sleep the other wakes up and I am so exhausted. But we are doing it. And I love it. And I am thankful to be at home with these two. And I still want another...one day :)


Jen said...

Thank you for posting this. We are not yet ready for #2 but I am worried that I won't ever be ready. I keep thinking that 1 is plenty of work and I can't imagine throwing a NEWBORN into this mix with all of their sweet, precious neediness :) This was encouraging to read! You're such a good mama.

Fiona said...

Even now, pregnant with #2, I am asking the question, "How does anyone do it with 2?!?" so I am really glad to read this post and know that it might not be quite as tough as I imagine. I know it will be tough... but manageable I suppose? Thanks for posting this! :)