Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Goals

These are some of my goals for 2014...

  • Start working out again. I was going to a workout class until late in pregnancy when I just got too big to move. Now that Lainey is old enough to go in nursery I am going to start back up again. I am aiming for next week. If anyone is looking for a place to work out, Houston's First Baptist Church has a gym which offer fun classes and FREE childcare on MWF mornings. Also there is no registration fee this month.

  • Read the book version of the Bible more (as opposed to just reading from my Bible app like I have been doing). A friend posted this article which I thought had some good suggestions. I am going to try to go through a book and really spend time in it. I am starting with Philippians.

  • Make our house safer. I read this blog and was horrified at what happened to her little girl. I really cannot stop thinking about it. I want to anchor our big furniture to the wall and also do a few other safety things. 

  • Redecorate our master bedroom. This is just more of a fun project I would like to do, but is really not necessary. My sister gave me some ideas of things to do. Greg started panicking a little when he heard phrases like "paint the walls" and "new curtains". He told Lauren he would give her $5 if she stopped talking.

  • Go through one room in our house each month and de-clutter. This is something Greg and I want to do together. We started this last year but then we got distracted working on Lainey's nursery. We have started with the kitchen already so hopefully we can keep it up this year.

I usually am pretty bad at sticking to my New Years goals. Maybe putting it in writing on the blog will help!

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