Monday, January 27, 2014

Some Time to Myself

Sometimes you just need a second to yourself.

Things get busy.

You have to change a diaper.

Someone needs a snack.

1 or 2 kids is crying.

Someone needs me to "hold you".

The house constantly needs to be picked up.

Someone is panicked because their shoe came unvelcroed.

And all you want,

 is just one second to relax,

and build the most awesome tower possible.

But no.

Someone keeps crashing it.

On purpose.

She thinks it's funny.

It's not.

It's serious.

You were on the brink of discovering the absolute best structural design.

And boom.

It's down again.

You suggest building separate towers.

On opposite ends of the playroom.

Not happening.

You try - "let's see how tall mommy can build it and then you can crash it".

Crashed again.


I don't even want to play with blocks.

Let's just have a tea party or something.

Something less competitive.

But you just wait.

One day I'm gonna build the best one yet.

One day.


Fiona said...

Love this!! :)

Lynn Cooper said...

hilarious…why is that the most fun thing to do??!