Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Simple Pool Outing

Pool Bag Packing Time: 45 min
Challenges - Cram everything into one bag but don't forget anything crucial

Sunscreen application Time: 20 min
Challenges - uncooperative and wiggly recipients

Lunch Preparation and Packing Time: 30 min
Challenges - cutting up everything to an approved non-chokable size while simultaneously having all your final products eaten by hungry children

Cleaning up Collateral Damage Time (aka the trail of destruction throughout the house created by 20 month old while you were busy focusing on above tasks): 15 minutes
Challenges - everything that gets picked up gets taken right back out. Also toddlers cannot resist unraveling toilet paper. 

By the time we arrived at Noah's Ark pool at 10:10am Lainey was asleep. She falls asleep so easy in the car. I wonder who she gets that from?

We ended up having a blast. We met other moms from Divine Design there so it was nice to see friends. Cambry was very independent and brave running around and going down the slides by herself. She wanted to go in the big pool too (with her puddle jumper on). Lainey liked the water but I had to stay 3cm away from her at all times because she is not the safest.

When we finally left, both girls were asleep in the car within minutes. I do love a peaceful drive. Cambry and I hung out then I had to wake Lainey up a couple hours later for Cambry's swim lessons (more swimming!). And there were no tears!! Then we came home and did baths and I prepped dinner and we waited for daddy to get home. I was completely exhausted but it was a super fun day.

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Liz said...

Looks like yall had lots of fun, I don't know how you drummed up the energy to do it! Hopefully we can join yall next time! =)