Monday, July 13, 2015

Cambry 3 1/2

I am a little late on this but...our big girl is 3 1/2! She is absolutely the sweetest little girl. When she was a tiny baby it made me so sad to think of her getting older but I just love to watch her grow and see her personality and hear her say the funniest things. Here are some things about her these days...

She loves princesses. She is constantly talking about Elsa, Anna, Sofia, Cinderella, etc. She plays with her princess figurines most of the day. In fact, it doesn't even need to be a princess figurine. She will turn anything into a princess. Fork and knife, hand sanitizer, play baby bottle - all of those things become princesses with names. She narrates what the characters are doing constantly. She loves to talk all day long.

She is very particular about clothes. She only likes to wear dresses and only certain ones. She even likes to wear her Easter dress around the house. But her most favorite thing to wear is pajamas (a gown, obviously). As soon as we walk in the door after being out somewhere she has to immediately change into pajamas. Often times if we aren't going anywhere I don't even bother to make her get dressed. It does save on laundry though, ha! We basically only wash her pajamas. When she only wears a real dress for an hour while at Target, I just hang it back up and call it clean.

Speaking of clean, this girl likes to be clean. If any speck of food gets on her hands while eating then WHOA you better get her a napkin immediately. She cannot stand dirty hands. This is definitely inherited from Greg.

Cambry is super observant. She notices the smallest detail and remembers everything. She will even spot mistakes or differences in how things are drawn in books from different pages. She can tell you what the kids in her Sunday school class were wearing. If you read the wrong word in a book she will correct you.

She is a pretty picky eater. She rarely likes the dinner I make. I guess this is pretty common at this age though. We have had a few dinner stand-offs but lately things have gotten slightly better. She still doesn't eat a great dinner many nights, but is more willing to try 1 bite of something. Currently her favorite foods are peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs, waffle with jelly, cinnamon rolls, blackberries and raspberries, and sour candies. 

She doesn't take naps anymore. I can't remember when they stopped but it feels like a while ago. She actually would take a nap without a fight if I had her take one, but then she can't fall asleep at night. Her usual bedtime is around 8pm (and wake up time around 7am), but she will be up until after 9:30 unable to fall asleep if she has a nap. I let her watch some tv while Lainey naps, and since I am pregnant I usually lay next to her on the couch and fall asleep myself. Her favorite shows are Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, the Tinkerbell Movies, Cinderella, and Frozen.

She is really starting to like swimming. She has been doing swim lessons for almost 2 months and she hasn't really enjoyed them, but the past couple times we have gone to the pool for fun she has absolutely loved the water. She will want to go under water or glide or do things she learned in swim lessons. I am looking forward to our upcoming vacation because the house we are staying in has a pool. And hopefully the swim lessons will continue to boost her confidence and teach her how to be safe in the water.

She is very creative and imaginative. I love to see the set ups she creates for her figurines. 

They are having a picnic

This is a birthday cake she created
She is pretty much a girly girl to the max. She likes having her toenails painted, likes for me to braid her hair, only wants to wear dresses, prefers playing inside with princesses than going outside, and is sweet and gentle as can be. We love her so! Happy half birthday Cambry Paige!

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