Friday, July 10, 2015

Mattern Family Vaca: Red River

At the end of June we went to Red River, New Mexico with Greg's family. We enjoyed the beautiful mountains, the cooler (than Houston) weather, and lots of good family time. The cousins always have a blast playing together.

We went on short hikes, went fishing, went line dancing one night at the community center, rode the chair lifts, and explored the little town. One day we rented these jeep type vehicles and drove up a mountain and had a picnic. I felt very pregnant on the trip and the altitude seemed to drain my energy but at least I wasn't nauseous hardly at all and I had a great time.

They usually have bingo a couple nights a week but the week we were there was unusually light on tourists so they didn't have enough to play. It was nice that the town wasn't crowded though.

Early into the trip poor little Lainey tripped into the fireplace and busted her chin. We tried taking her to the clinic in town but the doctor was out so we had to drive 45 minutest to the urgent care in Taos. Luckily she did not have to get stitches. They were able to close it with strips and glue. It was a little traumatic though. Poor thing wasn't herself for the next several days.

We are so thankful to Nana and Pops for planning a very fun vacation!

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