Sunday, October 18, 2015

38 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3

Lainey (left), Cambry (right)

How Far Along:  38 Weeks

Baby's Size:  A leek. I forgot to update this last week, but I was 1 cm. / 0% effaced at my 37 week appointment. At my 38 week appointment I was still 1 cm. / 0% effaced. At this point with Lainey I was 2 cm. / 50% effaced and with Cambry I was 1.5 cm. / 50% effaced. I am hoping Colton stays nice and cozy this week since my parents will be in Phoenix because my nephew will be born. I am so excited for another little one in the family!

Maternity Clothes: Just a few things left that fit!

Movement: He is very active. I love to feel him move and can't wait to cuddle that little tiny baby body!

Sleep: Great. Flipping sides is basically like doing a crossfit workout.

Symptoms: Feeling big and immobile. Braxton hicks periodically throughout the day and restless legs at night.

Best Moment this Week / Baby Prep Progress: We had a really fun weekend which included a fall festival and a Halloween party. I will do a separate post about that. This week I got a few fun baby things in the mail. My sister sent me a really cute maternity/nursing gown and a cute onesie. And I actually hadn't bought any clothes for Colton, but I couldn't resist this that I found on Etsy. Cardigan and bow tie?? Oh the cuteness.

What I miss: Feeling normal and having energy.

What I am Looking Forward to: "Meeting" my nephew (through pictures and facetime) this week. Also I have another ultrasound to check on some things so I am excited to see Colton wiggling around in there again.

Unfortunately I didn't get any crazy comments last week. Maybe this week!

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