Monday, October 5, 2015

36 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3

*Craziest comment from a stranger at the end of this post. Best one yet this pregnancy.

Oops my shirt is blending in with the wall

Lainey (left), Cambry (right)

How Far Along:  36 Weeks

Baby's Size:  Head of romaine lettuce

Maternity Clothes: I feel like I have nothing left that fits. I am really looking forward to cute fall clothes after the baby comes. Although I will be in that awkward still-pregnant-looking stage for a while but that's ok because boots + leggings + loose shirt will be a nice option for the next few months. And vests and scarves are always convenient to distract from the jelly belly. Fall/winter seems like a good postpartum time.

Movement: He is very active and sometimes his movements/pressure hurt so bad and take my breath away. It is like a shooting pain that only lasts a few seconds but is so uncomfortable. I do love to feel him move though and try to guess which body parts poke out across my tummy.

Sleep: Great. Although hard to flip sides and get out of bed. I am really missing sleeping on my back and stomach. So tired of side sleeping.

Symptoms: Tired and uncomfortable. But trying to enjoy and soak up these last weeks of pregnancy.

Best Moment this Week / Baby Prep Progress: Greg got back from middle school retreat this weekend so that concludes his out of town trips -yay! I have started packing my hospital bag although it is not 100% ready. Greg got the swing and bouncer down from the attic so it is starting to get REAL. We still need to install the car seat but it will be easy to do because we will put it in Greg's truck for now so that the grandparents can have my car with the car seats for the girls while we are in the hospital. 

What I miss: Feeling normal and having energy.

What I am Looking Forward to: Getting an ultrasound this week!

Best Comment of the Week: Usually the comments I get come from women but this time it was a man. It was of course at Kroger because I cannot ever go there without getting the funniest remarks. We were loading groceries into cars next to each other and this is how it went down.

Man: WOW ARE YOU DUE OR WHAT?!!! (he is practically screaming in shock)
Me: Yep, baby on the way soon
Man: Are you having twins or just one big one???
Me: Just one big one...
Man: My daughter just had a baby but she did not get that big!
Me: (I really didn't know how to reply so I can't remember what I said)
Man: So any day now?
Me: Well, about 4 weeks left.
Man: FOUR WEEKS!!! WOW!! (Moves around to get a side view) But it is SO FAR OUT THERE.

End scene.
Actually there was a little more of this outrageous commentary. I really can't even comprehend how he thought it was ok to say these things. I mean, he has a daughter who just had a baby so doesn't he know better?? And please, NEVER ASK ABOUT TWINS. How is that not a universally understood fact? And this was actually the SECOND crazy comment I got from a man at Kroger that same day. The first was not as bad but he still told me I was "looking pretty big". Ok, I will stop now. Stay tuned for next week because I'm sure there will be more comments to share from upcoming Kroger trips since my belly continues to grow by the day :)

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joan said...

It is a universal fact that you don't ask about twins! You great Jana!