Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Fun

1. A couple weekends ago we went out to Dewberry Farm. It was about 1000 degrees outside that day but it was still a lot of fun. A group of my friends are planning a day to go out there during the week toward the end of October and I was thinking there was a chance I could join them if I hadn't had the baby yet. But after this trip I realized there was no way I could do Dewberry without Greg. The farm is pretty big and I am so heavy and slow these days so I think it would be way too hard this late in pregnancy. I am definitely glad we went as a family!

2. The first weekend in October I had to bust out the pumpkin outfits for church. I LOVE pumpkin outfits so I need to get as much use out of these as possible. Cambry did not like her big ruffle sleeves so it may be hard to get her to wear this dress often but she looked adorable. Greg was gone on middle school retreat and I was outside taking pics in the front yard. A neighbor was walking her dog and offered to take a picture of the 3 of us. Love my little girls!

3. Baby Colton has been loved on and celebrated! Greg has the sweetest coworkers and they threw us such a nice shower this week. One lady made the cutest diaper cake and they had adorable decorations and favors. We left with a lot of fun gifts. They even gave sister shirts to Cambry and Lainey. Then my bible study had a little sprinkle for me and the girls were so sweet to give us diapers and gift cards and pray over Colton.

Looking forward to more fun this October and can't wait to find out if Colton will be joining us this month!

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