Saturday, March 5, 2016

Little Texan

Cambry's school put on a cute program for the parents to come and watch the kids sing Texan/cowboy/western songs and have a chuck wagon lunch. It was adorable to see all the kids dressed up in their western clothes and sing and do the motions to the songs.

We didn't really have any western wear but Cambry was very anti-dressing-like-a-cowgirl anyway. It took a lot of convincing to wear the horse dress. But look how cute she is. This girl. She melts my heart. 

These are the girls in her class. They have 4 boys and 6 girls. The teacher gave bandanas to all the kids to wear but look who declined wearing one. Haha, not surprised.

I am continually thankful for how close her school is to our house. I can walk up there to drop her off, walk back a couple hours later to see the performance, and walk back again shortly afterward for pickup. It has been especially nice with the beautiful weather.

And here is my other cute little Texan girl.

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