Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekend Fun

Last weekend after our traditional Saturday morning pancakes we packed up and headed to the Rodeo. We got there before 10am and it really was not crowded at all. Getting there early is the time to go! We saw mutton bustin', pig races, Cambry rode a couple carousels, Lainey hugged every animal in the petting zoo, we went through the farmland simulation, and briefly saw some animals in the livestock show area. By that time Cambry had fallen asleep in the stroller so we decided to wrap things up and head home. We didn't partake in any rodeo food but I did see cookie dough wrapped in bacon and deep fried butter. WHAT? I guess it must be good. I mean, anything that unhealthy must be delicious, right? Otherwise why?

That evening we had plans to celebrate our anniversary. 8 years of marriage! We had a babysitter come over at 8pm after we put the kids to bed. We didn't want a babysitter to have to do bedtime alone with 3 kids and Colton so young. I don't even like to do bed time alone. Well after the babysitter showed up but before we left Lainey threw up all over her crib. So we decided we didn't want to leave her and had to send the babysitter home. We ended up eating leftovers on the patio by candlelight. Luckily the weather was great and we had just bought new patio furniture.

(Greg had already changed clothes after cleaning throw up. True love)

Sunday we drove to Greg's uncle's ranch and met his parents there. We hung out for the day enjoying the nice weather. We did a little fishing, the guys did some shooting, and Colton took turns napping on people. We drove home around bedtime and everyone fell asleep and transferred to their beds YAY.

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