Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sleeping in Weird Places

First of all, I would like to own up to the fact that any weird sleeping habits my children display definitely come from me. I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. For realz. I am minutes away from REM cycle at any given time. Cambry does not take official naps anymore (and hasn't for a while), so in the afternoons she can easily fall asleep if she is in a sleep inducing situation such as a moving car, or a shopping cart apparently. See exhibit A below.

I will not say which parent it was that so rudely piled groceries on her. But, #itwasn'tme. 

Another sleeping Kroger trip is pictured in Exhibit B below. Also, please note a 2 year old hand dangerously reaching for eggs. That was a close one.

Then, in Exhibit C, we have bathroom floor sleeping. I'm not entirely sure how this even happened but let's just say Greg was in charge.

Exhibit D is another grocery store nap. This was back in December. Colton was asleep too but he always sleeps in the carrier.

This one is not a weird sleeping place but I wanted to include it because it is just so cute. Lainey Reese.

And one more of my baby boy in his favorite (and my favorite) sleeping spot, my arms.

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