Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nap Fail

Cambry is a great baby, but that doesn't mean she is never difficult. I mostly write about the good things, because that is what I want to focus on and be thankful for. But then again if I have another baby and look back on my old posts I want to be reminded that yes, sometimes babies are challenging and that is normal.

So just thought I would document a current example. Right now I have been trying to get little one to take a nap for the past hour and a half or so.

8:30 AM ish - She seems tired already. It is early for a nap, but then again it is not like we are on a schedule, so every day is different. Yawning. Rubbing eyes. I read her a story. I sing her a song. I rock her a minute. I stand up and sway her. She falls asleep on my shoulder after several minutes. I lay her in her crib and leave. Suddenly wide awake. Moving around. Kicking. Off and on fussing.

I fix coffee and start doing my bible study, while watching her on the monitor. She is doing gymnastics and fuss-whining. I let her be hoping she falls asleep.

She will not stop. I go in and check her. She has a dirty diaper. I change it and put her back down. She continues fussing. She is fixated on the sound machine and keeps scooting over to the corner of the crib that it is near just to look at it and try to get out. More whining.

Legs flailing all about. By now it has been a while since she has eaten, so I give in a feed her hoping that will put her to sleep. It does...until I lay her back in the crib. Suddenly wide awake again. More break dancing and cry-whining.

Wait a while then check her again. Pick her up. Read story, sing song. She is tired. Lay her down. Waaaaaa. Aaaaaaaa.

Um, I think we are approaching 2 hours now. Give in and just let her play? Keep her in crib and try to teach her to fall asleep? I JUST NEVER KNOW. I think I am about to go get her. She looks like an angry squirming turtle. Where is the parenting handbook?

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