Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Hubs and I

I feel like all I blog about lately is Cambry. I suppose that is normal since parenting is a 24/7 job so obviously it is a huge focus and consumes so much time and energy and thought. I can't even remember what I used to blog about before I got pregnant. I should go back and read some old posts.

Anyway, I thought I should document a little about Greg and I, what we have been up to lately. It is nice that Cambry goes down early so we can enjoy evenings together one on one time.

Once a week we have our Bible study where either the girls meet, the guys meet, or we have big group social. Also, for the past couple of months Greg and had been spending one night a week watching a series by Matt Chandler on Phillipians. It was so so good. It was a 12 week series with each session about 30 minutes. We need to find a new series to start because we both really enjoyed it.

Other nights we sometimes work on a house project. Lately we have been doing stuff for the play room like hanging pictures or painting the bookshelf. That bookshelf has been a nightmare, but that's another post for another day. I am so close to just throwing it in the trash and going to IKEA.

Besides that we usually just relax or watch TV, or do something on the computer. We have been watching Parenthood lately.

I love weekends when Greg is home and we have family time. Usually at night we will just hang out and maybe watch a movie. But I tell you, finding a decent movie is so hard! We will literally spend 30 minutes looking up movies, then reading reviews and looking up the reason for the rating, etc. We generally don't watch R rated movies unless we have looked into it and feel the content is appropriate. After spending all that time we usually just give up and decide that it is getting late (um, perhaps 9:30, WAY too late to start a movie, ha!). So we just settle for watching a TV show. If anyone has good movie suggestions please share!

On Saturdays we like going out and about as a family. For some reason just doing something as simple as going to the grocery store is way more fun when we are all together. We like going shopping, or going to brunch or lunch, or doing other little errands. However, it seems like lately our weekends have been full of other things that have been keeping us busy and we haven't really done that in a while.

That's about it for us. We really should go on a date night soon, it has been too long! And we also should take a picture of just us. I don't even have one to put with this post. We have taken about a zillion pictures of Cambry, but hardly any of us.


Lauren said...

Haha this sounds exactly like us. About even the grocery store being fun when we are all together. Too fun! I love how our lives are so similar now!

We recently watched Water for Elephants and were pleasantly surprised. We both really enjoyed it. You also have to watch Date Night. With Steve Carrell. It's hilarious and maybe not too much bad stuff.

Lauren said...
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