Friday, July 27, 2012

Sweet Moments

The quality of this picture is terrible, but I just had to capture this moment. Cambry hasn't done this in a long time it seems. Sweet little thing was playing with some kitchen utensils in the playroom and she seemed so sleepy. It was late in the afternoon so I didn't expect her to nap but I thought at least we could go in her nursery and have some quiet time. I sat in the rocker and turned on her sound machine. She was still sucking on this big plastic whisk. She would momentarily lay her head on me but then get back up. We kept rocking and I was humming and she finally just went to sleep...still holding onto the whisk. It's moments like these I sure do treasure.

Here are a few other random updates on her.

- I think she is done with the paci. She only takes it at nap time, but hasn't wanted it lately. It has been several weeks so I have sort of put them away and she doesn't seem to miss it.

- She is still inch-worming. So close to crawling!

- I think she likes strawberries! At least she likes sucking on one and eating little bits off it when I hold it to her mouth.

- She likes drinking water out of a cup (while I hold it). She hasn't figured out a sippy cup but has sucked through a straw a few times. Just bought the sippy cups with straws but didn't realize they are spill proof so it is really hard to get the water out. She hasn't figured those out yet.

- I think she is transitioning to 2 naps a day instead of 3. Timing is still unpredictable.

- Here is a picture of her scrunchie face which she still likes to do fairly often.

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Fiona aka DRMama said...

Love moments like this! :) She looks so peaceful. That is nice that she gave up on the pacifier all on her own. I hope Alidia does the same. Alidia loves drinking water out of a cup too. She tries to grab our drinks from our hands all the time now. She has also started doing that scrunchy face all the time too!! It is just too cute. Have a great weekend!