Wednesday, January 16, 2013

13 Months

Cambry is 13 months! It seems like she has grown up and learned so many new things this month!

Skills: Walking! She walks all around and it is the cutest thing ever. This is now her primary mode of transportation. She falls a lot but cloth diapers provide good cushion :). She started doing the sign for "more" this month and now she does it constantly while eating. She even did it today in the bath when I asked if she wanted out or more bath. She gives kisses (sooo sweet). I think she can say dog now. She said it a lot the other day when Duma and Darby were here and she was watching them. Also, sometimes she will say no.

Likes: Pointing at everything. From the moment she wakes up she is pointing at something and whispering/babbling. She loves looking at books. She loves to sit on things. I plan on getting her a little chair but am still trying to decide which one to get. She likes pushing things around - push toys, bar stools  boxes, trashcans, etc. She likes taking things out of the dish washer. She loves waving and smiling to people - especially when out and about. She is starting to like (cow's) milk. At first she hated it, even warmed. So I started putting a little chocolate in it and warming it. She would take a few sips that way. Then she started liking it a little more. Now I have stopped putting chocolate in it but I still warm it. She doesn't drink a ton, but she is doing better and better.

Struggles: Vegetables. We are having a hard time getting her to eat veggies. The girl loves fruit, dairy, and sandwiches. Veggies, not so much. Also, working on the word "no", especially in regards to throwing food off her tray. She also will throw "fits" sometimes. It is pretty funny and not even a real fit - it usually lasts for just a few seconds. But if she gets frustrated sometimes she will fall face down and start kicking her legs. Isn't it hilarious how all kids know how to do this?

Schedule: She still takes 2 naps a day. She is down to nursing once a day (in the morning). Bedtime is still between 7:00-7:30 pm. She wakes up at a different time every day. Seriously. Sometimes she wakes up at 5:00 am to nurse and goes back down until 8:00 am. Sometimes she wakes up at 6:15 am for the day. The other day she nursed at 5:45 am, went back down, then I had to wake her up at 8:45 am because we had to be somewhere! Today she woke up at 7:15 am.

She is still just the sweetest little thing. I love her little personality. She is getting so big and her hair is growing like crazy and I feel like she looks less and less like a baby. Kinda sad but I love the little toddler she is turning into. We love our Cambry Paige!

Here are some recent iphone pics.

Taking things out of the pantry / Carrying my bag while pushing stool around

Bath time / Sneaking a graham cracker out of my diaper bag

On neighborhood watch / Pushing 2 toys at once

2 babies at once / Waiting to be pushed

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Scrappy Mommy said...

She is SO darling and SO grown up!!!! I just LOVE the neighborhood watch pic. What incredible posture;))