Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Love Pinterest

Love it. Yes, it can suck you in and cause for lots of wasted time. But it is also contains so many good ideas, inspiration, recipes, etc. I have benefited from Pinterest many times. Here are a few of my recent pins.

Source: via Jana on Pinterest

Fill a glove with beans and put it on a baby. Hello, I need to try this on the next baby! I mean, how many times have I tried the slow lift and failed? Good stuff.

Made these baked oatmeal cups the other week and thought they were yummy and healthy. I plan on making them again.

These cookies intrigue me. They could be disgusting, but I want to try them. 2 ingredients - bananas and oatmeal, then you add mixins. I would probably do mini chocolate chips and/or cinnamon.

I got a lot of the ideas for Cambry's party on Pinterest.

1) Ribbon Garland

Pinterest find -

Source: via Jana on Pinterest

My version - 

2) Smash Cake

Pinterest Find - 

My Version - 

3) Bejeweled candle

Pinterest Find - 

My Version - 

Not everything on Pinterest is the greatest though. I tried using baking soda to get the toilet bowl sparkling white and it did not help that much.

I have seen this recipe all over Pinterest. I tried it and didn't think it was very good at all. Definitely will not be making it again.

So I have been thinking...I have taken a lot from Pinterest, but am I contributing? So I decided that if I make/do something that I like how it turned out, I will pin it. I feel kinda funny pinning my own stuff like - hey, look what I did! But I really appreciate all the ideas that I have gotten that other people have put up, so I decided to just go ahead and add when I can. It can never hurt to have more ideas floating around out there. I often times just use Pinterest as a search engine. So anyway, here are a few of the recent things I have pinned. 

The mobile I made for Cambry's room. Now, I can't take credit for it, I copied it from one I saw on Etsy. And even though it is not as pretty as the one on Etsy, I still really love it. 

Here is the original one I copied from.

Source: via Pat on Pinterest

I also pinned the Alphabet board I made in Cambry's room. I definitely got this idea from Pinterest although the ones I saw were directly on a wall not on canvas.

I also pinned a few of my favorite cakes. And I will try to pin more in the future. I need to work on my photography skills though because my pictures are definitely not up to Pinterest standards!

So, just want to encourage all my crafty friends to pin your stuff to keep the inspiration flowing!


Chelsi said...

Ok, I'm confused - help a sister out. What does the bean glove do??

Jana said...

Chelsi - When the baby is almost asleep but not quite, and you are patting/pressing their back to help them fall asleep, once you lift your hand away they feel that weight taken away and they know you have left and they wake up and cry! So the weight of the glove gives that comfort they need til they fall asleep. Was Brierley like that?