Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Fun

This weekend was full and fun. Friday night we attended Midnight Madness at our church. It is a leadership training event that has lots of good speakers and last until midnight. The training was great and I feel motivated and encouraged to work harder at ministering to the kids in our youth group. I am so glad we went. I dropped Cambry off at my parent's house that evening to spend the night. They had fun babysitting her and she had a blast playing in their fun play room. After the training Greg and I spent the night at my parent's house too. I needed to be there in the morning for her since she still nurses when she wakes up.

Saturday Greg had a fun guys day at a friend's ranch. They did lots of manly things like skeet shooting, hunting, and who knows what else.

While Greg was off with the guys Cambry and I met some friends at Chickfila for lunch. Then we headed over to a nearby park. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here. After the park we came home and she took a nap. We went on a walk when she woke up because it was just too pretty to stay indoors.

Cambry wore her new dress from Gigi to church on Sunday. I thought she looked like such a little doll. I love this dress.

After church I went to a baby shower while Greg and Cambry hung out at home. It was the cutest shower and everything was monkey themed.  I made some stir fry for dinner that night and then we started on season 2 of Downton Abbey. What a nice weekend!

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Wendy said...

Aw...those pictures of Cambry in her church dress remind me of Karsyn at that age! So stink'in cute!!

Enjoy her at this goes by way to fast! (sniff, sniff)