Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Sickness and in Health

It has been a rough weekend for us over here. The stomach bug has hit us all. It started on Wednesday. Poor little Cambry threw up 4 times throughout the day. She couldn't keep anything down. The next couples days she didn't eat too much, but seemed happy. I think now her appetite is back to normal.

Friday I woke up feeling so tired. I was dragging all morning and went back to bed during Cambry's first nap. I woke up feeling awful. I had a fever and was feeling extremely lethargic and so nauseous I could barely walk or stand. I basically just laid around all day watching Cambry play, turned on Dora the Explorer and tried to survive until her second nap when I went to sleep again. Greg came home from work as soon as he was able that afternoon. Saturday I was feeling less nauseous but still not very good. Today I felt better, and finally by this evening I am feeling pretty good. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back 100%.

But this morning poor Greg woke up with a fever. He was super nauseous too and feeling all the same symptoms that I had. He has had to lay around most of the day which is really hard for him. He is still feeling pretty bad now, but hopefully it will be much better tomorrow. I have been busy washing sheets and trying to disinfect our house today because this thing is just awful. I am very thankful though that it happened on a weekend and that we didn't all 3 get it on the same day.

During a brief period where Greg was feeling decent today we went to the backyard to get some fresh air. Cambry enjoyed her PJs still in the late afternoon. And I might have been too...

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Anonymous said...

Ugg so sorry about the sickness!! :( Hope everyone is feeling well now.

Adorable photos out in the sun though!!