Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We had a fun night last night celebrating the end of 2012 with our small group. I remember last year we hung out with our small group and we brought Cambry who was just a couple weeks old. She was so tiny and we carried her in car seat in her pjs and she got passed around. This year she was having fun playing with all the other babies.

The guys.

The ladies.

This is so cute. Jonathan is going to be a great Dad some day.

Justin stole the camera so we ended up with quite a few awesome pics like this, ha.

We tried to get Luke to dance.

Since the babies wouldn't last until midnight we did an early champagne toast with a fake countdown. I think most people with babies left around 9ish. We put Cambry to bed and then stayed up playing some games and actually made it to midnight!

This morning we slept in. Even Cambry did too! She woke up to nurse at 6:45am then went back to sleep until almost 9. Woo hoo! We went to breakfast at Buffalo Grille and then have just been hanging around the house the rest of the day. Happy New Year!

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