Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Baby #2 Bumpdate: 17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 Weeks

Baby's Size:  Potato

Maternity Clothes: Belly band and a lot of maternity shirts. I recently bought the softest maxi skirt at the Gap outlet. It is not maternity but it is very stretchy and so comfy. The good thing about being a SAHM is that you don't see the same people everyday so you can wear your favorite clothes over and over again, ha!

Movement: I felt the baby move for the first time on Monday - so neat! It was just teeny tiny movements down low. I haven't felt it again yet but hopefully I will start feeling it more soon. I love that feeling.

Sleep: Great. At least one bathroom trip a night though.

Symptoms: I wish I could say the nausea is gone now, but nope, still lingering. It is much better during the day. I really only start to get nauseous around 4 in the afternoon. Some evenings are not too bad but others I feel pretty nauseous. Sometimes I worry if it will last the whole pregnancy, I hope not! I still get pretty tired during the day too and occasionally lightheaded.

Food Aversions/Cravings: I am trying to eat healthier. Pickles still sound good though and I still eat milk and cereal after dinner. 

Best Moment this Week: I have several best moments this past week. One was feeling the baby move - yay! Another one was getting a pedicure. Ahh, it was wonderful. I hardly ever treat myself to this. I think my last one was when my friend Kristen treated me to one before Cambry was born. I do plan on getting another pedicure when I am close to my due date though. When you are in labor and then in the hospital feeling super beautiful (riiight), at least your feet can look good :)  Also, I got my hair trimmed and highlighted this week. It was long overdue and it always feels so good to get it done. That is another thing I recommend doing when you are close to your due date.

What I miss: Having energy, feeling good at night.

What I am Looking Forward to: No more nausea! Also, finding out the gender! I am DYING to know. I don't remember being this anxious with Cambry but maybe I was. Every day I tell Greg the countdown of how many days left before we find out. We have a little over 2 weeks. Eeek! I do not see how people have the patience to wait until the baby is born. I can barely wait another day. The birth day is already exciting enough so why not have an extra exciting day at the halfway point, right? Anyway, I can't wait to start planning the nursery, thinking about names more, and going out and buying a new tiny outfit. 

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