Thursday, May 9, 2013

Zoo Day

We had a fun day today. We met Diamend and Grayson at the zoo. It is funny how at this stage of life one activity can take up the whole day. Like, what did you do today? Oh I went to the zoo. People without kids may be thinking well ok what did you do the other 8 hours during the day? But things like this can pretty much take up most of the day.

It basically took all morning just to pack for the zoo. Snacks and water (for her and me), diapers, extra clothes, sunblock, etc. They have a splash pad so add in a towel, swimsuit, swim diaper, etc. Anyway, looks like I am going on a cross country road trip. I probably could have gathered all this pretty quickly if I could have focused better. But in between packing I was getting her ready, getting me ready, making breakfast smoothies, doing laundry, and continually adjusting Cambry's shoes since she insisted on wearing a pair of shoes around the house that were way too big for her.

We had fun walking all around and looking at the animals. We went in the petting zoo to see the goats.

After grabbing lunch we tried out the carousel. Cambry was very excited until it actually started moving. Then she clung to me for dear life. 

Grayson liked it!

We hit up the splash pad before we left. This was Cambry's first time at a splash pad. She loved it! She would run up to the fountains with her mouth wide open trying to drink the water. Funny girl.

This looks like a snack vending machine but it was a mommy vending machine! I had never seen one. It had diapers, wipes, pacis, nursing cover, tide pens, hand sanitizer, you name it.

Cambry crashed on the way home but then woke up when I tried to transfer her in. So she is in her crib fussing. Hopefully she falls asleep soon!

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Jill said...

I am laughing, it really does take up the whole day for one outing!! So glad she loves the spray parks!! We have several here we can take her to this summer!