Monday, May 6, 2013

Recent Pics and Veggie Wars

I have been getting lazy about blogging lately. But here are a few random pictures recently.

She brought me 2 bows one morning and wanted to wear them both
My sweetie pie
A girl needs accessories!
Fun new game - put stickers all over mommy!
Big Sis 101: Learn how to put a diaper on a baby
Big helper sweeping the yard
Mmmm smoothie!

In other news, we have started trying to really work on getting Cambry to eat veggies. We are definitely failing so far. She will eat a few things if they are well hidden in a soup or some other type of casserole. But as far as plain veggies, she will only eat green beans...sometimes. She will not even try anything else.

So we are trying to get her to at least try ONE BITE of whatever veggie we are having that night just so her taste buds start warming up to veggies. Not a whole serving, just one bite. Once she takes a bite she can have the rest of her meal. How has this worked out for us? Well let's see, she has gone to bed 3 out of the past 4 nights without dinner. The one night she did have dinner was because we were at a restaurant with friends and we didn't want to fight the battle there.

She still gets a sippy cup of warm milk before bed so her tummy is not completely empty and she has not been waking up at night hungry or anything. But she is not budging on the veggies. Not sure what to do. I may need to start doing the same thing at lunch time. If she misses lunch then she will for sure be starving at dinner and will have to try a veggie then right? But I am a little scared that the whole afternoon would be miserable and I won't have Greg around to help. Maybe I'll do it on a Saturday, ha! Let's hope this girl starts eating soon because I don't want her to loose any of her precious baby rolls that she is still hanging on to!


Lauren said...

OMG Molly is the same way. I asked my pediatrician for ideas when I went to her 15 month check up and she said at snack time give her some veggies and see if she eats them. She said always start with them and then if it doesn't work give fruit or something she will eat. We haven't tried it yet but I will keep you posted if it works.

Elizabeth said...

I heard about a cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld called Deceptively Delicious, recipes to get your kids to eat healthy. I haven't tried any of these myself, but I thought it might have some good ideas :)

Fiona said...

How adorable is she!! :) Love the one of her with the sunglasses!

Good plan with the veggies! Lids is an awful eater all around.. which includes veggies. Smoothies are the best thing we've been able to do to get that good stuff in her!! :)

KMcNally said...

Don't give up! You are doing the right thing. It took pax forever to like veggies but now he is pretty good about eating them. I always make them have at least one bite. I think it takes up to 7 times of trying before they like something. Cambrys age is especially difficultybut it is a phase! Good luck!

Lesley said...

So she eats casserole, soup, and lots of other things, but doesn't want plain veggies? I don't blame the girl. At this age I would focus on getting her to eat a variety of things so she is getting her nutrients and maybe throwing some spinach or carrots in a smoothie so she's not missing out on the nutrients. I think sometimes we think that our toddlers have reasoning skills that they don't actually have. But I'm guessing in Cambry's mind since she knows she is getting a glass of milk at bed (and I assume she has an afternoon snack) she's not sweating the veggie thing, so if it's causing you stress, I wouldn't worry about it either and maybe wait until she has better reasoning skills. From what you have said she sounds like a pretty good eater and I would not want mealtime to become a power struggle. Hope I'm not being discouraging--just saying I wouldn't stress about it. Sorry, I know I'm kind of going against the grain of the other commenters here, but I'm not sure I would rock the boat if she is a good eater otherwise. Just my two cents.

Lesley said...

By the way, the best thing I did for Ezra (who is the more finicky of my two eaters) is cut out snacks/milk between meals completely. I also read somewhere that a good philosophy about getting kids to eat is that you (the parent) have control over what they are served, so you get to decide what good things they eat, and they control what they eat and how much. And to go by the "eat it or don't eat it, but don't talk about it" motto. This has worked great for Ezra and he is old enough to know that if he doesn't eat what is served to him at mealtime, he is not getting any other food. But I don't do the "take three bites and you can be done" thing. Sorry, probably more input than you wanted!