Sunday, August 9, 2015

28 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3

Lainey (left), Cambry (right)

I am definitely much bigger than my first pregnancy. Some weeks (like this week) I look the same size as I did with Lainey but then other weeks I look bigger. It does give me a slight panic attack knowing that my belly is going to keep growing for THREE more months, but at least when I am at my largest point I won't be like that for long.

How Far Along: 28 Weeks

Baby's Size:  Large Eggplant

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Regular t-shirts are too short although I still try to squeeze into them. I am going to have to start sleeping in Greg's shirts soon.

Movement: Lots of big moves. I love that Cambry gets excited to feel baby boy move.

Sleep: Great. Although hard to flip sides and get out of bed.

Symptoms: Always tired. I take naps most days. I have to sit down all the time. The belly feels big and heavy. Braxton hicks are getting a little more frequent each day. Sometimes I daydream that he will come several weeks early. But then I remember how the girls made me wait and wait and wait.

Food Aversions/Cravings: Milk. Mmm give me more milk.

Best Moment this Week / Baby Prep Progress: Getting my glucose test over with! I was kind of dreading it. I don't have the results yet but I am praying I passed and that I don't have to take the 3 hr test like I did with Cambry. This weekend I worked a lot on organizing kids clothes. It is a constant effort to keep things organized because they are always growing out of sizes and needing the next size up. Thankfully we have tons of hand me downs. We don't have a ton of space so I have to constantly switch out the current fitting clothes and find places for the other clothes. I moved a bunch of Lainey's stuff into the girls room to start making room for baby boy's clothes. The dresser is finished and I also did a lamp makeover. 

What I miss: Feeling normal and having energy.

What I am Looking Forward to: Parents Night Out next weekend!

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