Thursday, August 27, 2015

Baby Moon

Last weekend Greg and I went on a babymoon to Austin. This was our first getaway without kids! Actually we had been away from Cambry several times before, but it was always to go on trips with the youth group. Greg's parents we so sweet in taking the girls for 3 nights. Cambry was so excited to go spend time in Waco. She talks about Nana and Pops and her cousins all the time. But then poor thing ended up having strep throat while she was there. They took good care of her though and she still enjoyed time with family. Lainey did great and did not even miss us. 

Cambry with her cousins and friends putting together a lemonade stand

We stayed at Lakeway one night which was right on Lake Travis. The hotel was really nice and had a great pool. Unfortunately that was the one evening/morning where it was a little cool and overcast so the water was actually kind of chilly to get in.

We played Topgolf one day and it was really neat. Greg had played several times before but this was my first time. I also got a massage which was amazing. It was my second time to ever get a massage and it was great. I had heard that prenatal massages are not that great because they go so light for fear they may put you in labor or something. But that was no the case at all.

We stayed at a hotel downtown for 2 nights and enjoyed walking around shops and restaurants.

One day we went swimming in Barton Springs. It was a beautiful day and made for good people watching. The average water temp is 68-70 degrees year round. In other words FREEZING. But we did get in and enjoy a little swim. It was also hilarious to watch people get in the water for the first time and yell things like I CANNOT FEEL MY LEGS, I AM DYING, 

It was amazing how fast we could get ready to go somewhere without kids! It was also wonderful to travel so light. No 30 lb. diaper bag to carry, no sippy cups to refill, etc. But we definitely missed the girls and were happy to see them when we got back. I'm thankful we got to have a relaxing getaway before baby boy joins our family!

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