Saturday, August 15, 2015

Thoughts on Third Labor

I have about 11 weeks left (give or take) until D day. In a way it seems FOREVER long. 2 1/2 more months of my ginormous belly getting ginormous-er. But in a way it seems close. I filled out the paperwork online to pre-register and I felt nervous doing it! Then I took the girls with me this week to sign the rest of the pre registration forms and I was so nervous just pulling into that parking garage that it was bringing on Braxton Hicks. It brings back a flood of memories of the pain of contractions and the nerves and the excitement about getting to meet a new baby. There is nothing else like it. Magical, terrifying, emotional, overwhelming, joyful, painful, thrilling, all at once.

Please note Cambry is wearing her Easter dress. Typical. After I signed all the forms I asked her what additional forms would I have to fill out once I was in labor and in painful contractions. She said none. LIAR. I know there are more forms. I told her I have done this twice before I know there are more just slip them to me now. She acted like she didn't know what I was talking about. Alrighty my friend, we shall see. I'll give an update in 11 weeks. 

When will this baby come? Cambry = 9 days late and Lainey = 5 days late. So of course my thoughts are that this baby will also come late and therefore a November due date. But maybe not. What if he came weeks early? One can dream, right? The anticipation over when he will come is so high!

What if my water Kroger? Or Target? Or during a therapy session? Or while at a restaurant? Or church? My water broke with Cambry at 2am. No prior warning or contractions. About 45 gallons of water came out, and continued to come out for some time. With Lainey it did not break until I was already in labor and had my epidural and all of a sudden we all heard a POP and I was like, um, was that my water somebody please check. So I still have the fear that my water might possibly break while out and about. It would make for an interesting story though!

Will this baby come fast? Both Cambry and Lainey came in the same amount of time. Both labors were about 6 hours from start of 1st contraction (or water breaking) until baby was in my arms. Will this baby be the same? Or hopefully not way longer?! Or will it be faster and all of a sudden I am like that youtube video where the mom delivers the baby in the car while her husband is driving?

I am going to try to view my hospital time as a hospital staycation this time. With Cambry, everything was new and exciting and we had (and wanted) lots of visitors. Family was in and out, lots of friends came up to meet Cambry, and it was a busy and exhausting hospital stay. With Lainey, we had less visitors but it was still exhausting. First off, my contractions started that night around 9pm. So I had not yet gone to bed. We got to the hospital some time after 11pm and Lainey was born around 3am. Then of course there is the whole after-delivery stuff and then trying to nurse her and get her cleaned up and grandparents meeting her and then all of a sudden they are handing me a breakfast menu and telling me to order something. NO NO NO it cannot be a new day because I NEVER WENT TO BED. So we just started a new day without a night of sleep. Then it was nurses in and out and family visits and even though we didn't have friends come this time we were still completely exhausted and they discouraged us sending Lainey to the nursery at night. I am just hoping this time it will be a little more restful. I am planning to put that sign on the door at night that asks them not to disturb you (which I never used before). Unfortunately they still want the baby to stay in the room with you at night. Gone are those magical wonderful days where the sweet nurses watch over your angel all night while you sleep peacefully and they bring the baby in when its time to nurse. Anyway, good things about hospital = free flowing pain medicine, cable tv, and unlimited room service food ordering. Also, we won't have the girls to take care of so it is practically a date/vacation!

I can't wait for baby boy to be here!!

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