Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bluebonnet Photos Take 2

Greg and I went back to take bluebonnet pictures again and this time we got some really cute ones! I suppose I am a little obsessed with our cutie since I am putting so many pics on here but hey this blog is like our family scrapbook/journal. Greg took most of these. He is so good at it and is great at making her smile. Definitely a better result with both of us there. Although there is going to be a whole new level of challenge when baby #2 comes along and we have to get both of them smiling at once.


I saw a photo tip on Pinterest that if you give a kid a small piece of tape it will distract them for a minute so they are not squirming away from the camera and it won't be noticeable in pictures. See it on her thumb? Kind of noticeable but oh well.

I just love her little baby legs - they are still chunky :) Even though I always realize how fun each new stage is, I still just want to freeze her in time at this age. But I also thought that at infancy, at 6 months, at 10 months, etc. As it is said "Children are a gift from the Lord" Psalm 127:3

Greg thinks she looks 13 in this picture. I think it is just her pose. She still looks like the sweetest little toddler to me.


Fiona said...

She is one gorgeous little girl!!! I love all of these photos! Also, I am definitely going to try that tape trick. I can just not get Lids to stay still for photos anymore!!

joan said...

These pictures are great! I need to take a Mattern Family photography class!