Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cambry 16 Months

 (Pictures did not go well today)

Our little princess is 16 months today! It is so fun to watch as she constantly learns and understands new things. She is so fun to interact with. She is silly and smiley yet can be very laid back and serious. She is so sweet and we love her to pieces.

Skills: She is trying to say so many new words! Her newest thing is saying "Whooaa" all drawn out. Or sometimes it sounds like "Wowwww". Words she says fairly consistently - mama, dada, bye, baby, dog, ruff, bath, ball, uh oh, milk, wawa (water). Although many of those don't quite sound that clear, but more like the first couple letters or so. She can identify eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, belly button, and toes. She understands a lot and will sometimes follow directions if I say something like - go get your doll and blanket.

Likes: Shoes! She loves for me to put shoes on her and loves to try and walk around in my or Greg's shoes. If you leave shoes out anywhere she will find them and put them on. She of course still loves her baby dolls. She now sleeps with 2 (and a blanket). Sometimes she carries all 3 babies around. She still loves purses and necklaces and anything else girly. She loves to play horsey. If I am sitting with my legs crossed she will come and sit on my foot wanting to ride the horsey. She still loves books. If her schedule gets off and she won't take an afternoon nap I can at least put her in her crib with a bunch of books and she is content to read by herself for a good while. She also loves to go outside and explore, loves dogs, playing peekaboo, and playing in the tupperware cabinet.

Struggles: A consistent schedule. The girl just does not wake up at the same time. Today 7:30. Yesterday 6:30. Most days closer to 6. Last week she started creeping up earlier and earlier until one morning 4:55. We put her to bed at the same time every night so I really don't understand it. Do other babies just wake up at the same time everyday or are all you mamas just waking your kids up?

Schedule: Well like I said wake up time is always different. She takes 2 naps - morning and afternoon. I still rock her to sleep for those. Timing depends on her wake up time. They are usually 1-2 hours. She drinks milk 3 times a day, and is a pretty good eater. She is getting much better about eating what we eat for dinner, although we still struggle with getting her to eat vegetables. Bedtime is 7:30 and she is a champ at going down awake and falling asleep on her own although sometimes it takes a while.

We love you CPM!

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Fiona said...

Love all the photos from this month! Such a toddler!! ;) How fun that she is still so into her girly things and shoes. She is a beautiful little girl.. and so clever with her new words! Wish I had tips on the waking up thing. Lids almost always wakes up at the same time but once in a while will wake up earlier for no reason. No tips though :/ It sounds like you are doing the only thing I would suggest which is staying consistant with the things you can help control, like bedtime each day. Do you think she is ready to drop a nap? Lids had been waking once at night for a bit but we have now dropped to just one nap and she is doing great with it!

Happy 16 months pretty girl!! :)