Monday, April 15, 2013

Calling All Houston Moms

Hey Houston moms! Has anyone heard of the City Moms Blog Network? It is a network for local mom blogs. There are 13 different cities up and running so far (with at least 8 more in the works). But there is not one for Houston...yet!

2 years ago my sister Lauren founded the Dallas Moms Blog. That blog has grown to be a fantastic resource for Dallas moms. My sister doesn't do it all by herself - she has a team of contributors. My sis is the one up front in the blue :)

These are fellow Dallas moms who write posts for the blog. Anything from pregnancy, getting picky toddlers to eat, nursery ideas, reviews of local parks, kid friendly restaurants, recipes, free things to do around town, etc. They also have these awesome Moms Night Out events. My sister tells me all about these and they sound so cool. They get all these local sponsors involved - so they are at different fun venues with lots of food and drinks and the guests get these fun swag bags full of goodies! What a great way to meet other local moms and get a much needed girls night.

Anyway, all that to say, wouldn't it be great to have a Houston Moms Blog site? My sister has been bugging me for years to start one, ha! She has really loved being involved in the Dallas blog and connecting with and meeting moms. While I don't want to take on that responsibility at this time, I would LOVE for someone else to. I have searched the web but haven't found any one great resource for Houston moms comparable to the Dallas Moms Blog (or any of the others in the City Moms Blog Network). I have been waiting and waiting for someone to start the Houston one. Even though I have lived here my whole life, Houston is huge and there are still so many things I don't know about Houston. I would love to hear from other moms about local activities for the kids, best playgrounds, free family events, etc.

Sooooo, I wanted to spread the word if anyone is interested. You don't have to be a blogger already, you just have to be a Houston mom. It would be awesome to have multiple locations around town - such as Katy Moms Blog, Pearland Moms Blog, Woodlands Moms Blog, etc. So the more the merrier if people want to start those. But since I am in Houston of course I would love for someone to start the Houston one first :)

You don't have to do it alone. Most of the different sites have 2, and sometimes 3 owners. That would really help take the load off. My sister started off Dallas Moms Blog with a partner, Casey. Well Casey has since moved away from Dallas, so now my sister is the site owner. And obviously the contributors share a lot of the workload with her too. The City Moms Blog Network is the overall "parent" if you will, of all the sites. They will help you get everything up and running, teach you all about running your site, and provide continued support along the way.

Sorry if any this is confusing, I am not sure if I explained it well. But if anyone is at all interested go check out City Moms Blog Network for more information or check out Dallas Moms Blog to get an idea of what the Houston blog could be like. Feel free to email my sister - if you have any questions. Even if you don't want to start it, I'm sure you would love to read it so spread the word to your friends so maybe we can find someone who would love to start it.

Oh, and by the way, even though I don't want to be in charge, I would love to be on the contributor team so if you are interested in starting it, please let me know as I would love to help!


Lauren said...

OMG this sounds amazing and I would love to be a part of it but I am kinda like you i don't really want to be in charge! ha. maybe I would do it if i had a partner like your sister

Liz Dammel said...

hi Jana! I'm a blog lurker, mainly because I haven't posted anything to your blog in ages! :). with three small&close in age boys, I can't take on the responsibility right now of owning this project, but I would be willing to be a contributor. let me know if you hear from others. thanks! Liz (Hodges) Dammel

Wendy said...

I would love to contribute, but not sure I could handle the site with my job. But might be willing to co-partner with you. I'm thinking you should start it up. :-)

Taryn said...

HI Jana! I would also like to contribute to a mom's blog. I've been keeping up with your blog since I ordered a cake from you a few years ago. Let me know how I can help! I think this is an awesome thing for Houston!

Beautifullb said...

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