Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Random Updates

Here are a few random things lately:

1) First, a few Cambry pics. She loves sitting in her glider like a big girl.

2) This past weekend was my first time to be away from Cambry for more than a few hours. That may seem crazy since she is almost 16 months old, but I nursed her for so long and she wouldn't take bottles so it was never possible until recently. It wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was kind of a nice break away from responsibility. She had a great time with Greg's family. They were sweet to send us pictures and updates the whole time.

When we got back she wasn't immediately excited to see us. She gave us a little attitude to let us know that she was not happy we left her. Then the next day at church she cried so hard when we dropped her off in nursery. Poor thing did not want to be left again.

3) I recently tried these Naked smoothies. They are so good. Definitely a splurge since they are more than $3 a bottle at Kroger, but kind of worth it for this nauseous pregnant mama who needs to get more fruits and veggies in. I am sure somehow they aren't as healthy as eating the actual fruit, but they are all fruit, no added sugars or preservatives so hopefully that means they aren't too bad!

4) I tried this recipe the other night.

Lasagna Soup: the perfect weeknight dinner, easy and delicious #pork #lasagnasoup @shugarysweets

I haven't been doing a lot of cooking and when I do I choose easy meals. I pull up a chair next to the stove and try not to throw up while I cook :). This was pretty easy. I modified a little. I used sweet Italian turkey sausage instead of beef. Therefore I used less spices and seasonings than the recipe called for. I left out the bell pepper due to laziness. I thought overall it was too salty so I would not add any extra salt next time. Also didnt think it needed as much cheese as the recipe calls for. I did use whole wheat noodles. Cambry loved it. When I cook we eat the leftovers the following night. I am going to have to start cooking more than 4 servings though to have enough. Cambry's portions no loger round down to nothing. When she likes something she is a little piglet. This came our pretty thick (more so than the picture) so next time I would probably add more tomato sauce and chicken broth to make it more soupy and have more leftovers.

5) Cambry's wake up time is constantly changing. Cannot figure her out.

6) Our little mandarin tree in the backyard has lots of white flowers budding. I am hoping that means we will get some fruit this year.

7) This morning as I was laying on the floor in the playroom (so sleepy) while Cambry was playing, she came over to me a couple times and gave me kisses on the cheek unprompted. She is the sweetest thing ever.


Fiona said...

I was away from Lids for the longest time yet this week and that was just for about 6 hours. Seems crazy but I just hate leaving her!! I know they always do okay without us though :) Nice that you got pictures throughout! Yum, mandarins.. hope you get some fruit this year. So tasty!

Lauren said...

1. Hayes does the same thing with the chair. he feels so big. Sometimes both boys climb up into the chair and read. It's the cutest.

2. Just wait until this little one comes along. You'll have to like tripple the serving sizes you make. We hardly ever even have leftovers anymore. Well..that is if we can actually get Kyler to focus and eat during dinner.